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Carrera Digital 124/132, Ligne Des Puits

by Carrera
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Carrera Digital 124/132, Ligne Des Puits

  • Pit lane with different driving modes for realistic races
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • For even more action on the circuit
  • Packing list: 1x lane change for entry, 1x lane change for exit, 1x standard straight, 2x one way straight, 1x pit stop adapter unit

  • Even a Carrera car has to stop!

    Real racing sensation for the DIGITAL 124 or DIGITAL 132 track! With the pit line, the Carrera track is extended by an important racing element. The Well channel works in conjunction with the control unit (20030352) or the black box (20030344). However, the advanced tank function is only available when used with the control unit!

    Pit Lane gives you three new ways to make racing on your track even more exciting and provide tactical elements to it.

    Automatic lap counting

    On the one hand, a revolution counter is integrated into the well line. Especially during longer races, you can quickly lose track of the laps completed. Thanks to automatic counting, you can fully concentrate on your lap times. Lap counting can also be disabled if desired.

    Vehicle refueling

    It doesn't matter in which racing series - the pit stop is always a special moment. Tactically, he can decide victory or defeat. This is also the case on your Carrera track! You can tune the racing cars to make regular pit stops. If you don't go to the well, it slows down the cars and the exit can be completely decided. To be able to read the fuel level in your tank, you need the driver's display (20030353).

    Use of a safety car (Pace car)

    On the other hand, the pit lane also serves to let a safety car lead the race. Like in real races, you can bring the safety car onto the track after crashes to recover cars that have strayed from the track. It is only necessary to ensure that the car has safety car electronics. If you want to use the tank function and a safety car at the same time, you need two pit lanes.

    Item No: 20030356


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