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ENVO, Flex Snow Bike, Winter Electric Bike (48 Volts) (Lithium 17.5Ah) (1000/1200 Watts Max)

by Envo
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ENVO, Flex Snow Bike, Winter Electric Bike (48 Volts) (Lithium 17.5Ah) (1000/1200 Watts Max)

Designed in Canada, the Flex Snow Bike is an exclusive ENVO design, featuring the first pedal-assisted electric snow bike of its kind. Flex Snowbike lets you conquer the snow and is ideal for fitness, adventure and family fun.

Exclusive 1200W electric snow slope
allows you to upgrade and modify your Flex as needed over time. The Flex Snow Bike can be easily converted to the Flex Overland using modular design components, allowing you the utility of two products on one platform. Using ENVO Flex , you can indulge in year-round adventures on the trails and on the snow.


  • ENVO Sustainable Engineering
  • Autonomy: 15 -50 km
  • Maximum Speed: 20 Km/h (12.5 Mph)
  • Total weight: 40 Kg (88 pounds)
  • The powerful BLDC integrated geared hub motor provides up to 1200 Watts of power and 120 Nm of torque in a compact, waterproof and maintenance-free construction. The motor acts as an electric brake when braking via the cut-off signal from the brake lever.

  • Lizard style 48V/17.5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic/LG cells with an operating temperature range of -20 Celsius , provides up to 2000 Watts of power output and 840Wh of energy.

  • The LCD3 meter gives you a variety of functions such as vehicle controls and digitized vehicle status displays to meet travel requirements.

Thumb throttle

  • Transport effect sensor, analog linear increasing torque

Pedaling assistance sensor

  • 2 pieces 12 Magnet easy to assemble Pedaling assist sensor,
  • Just stick the sensor, no need to disassemble the crank.
  • This sensor is compatible with optimized PAS control systems and offers the best pedal assist performance, fast response and torque sensor simulation.

Magnetic brake cut-off switches

  • Just stick the magnetic sensors, no need to disassemble the brake levers.
  • It cuts the engine when you brake
  • Electric regenerative braking




  • Number of places: 1 (Place)
  • Maximum load: 120 kg (260 books)
  • Front Light: LED
  • Rear brake light: LED


  • Maximum speed: 20 Km/h (12.5 Mph)
  • 5 Levels Pedaling assistance
  • Range: Up to 15-50 Km
  • Hub motor: (1000/1500 Watts Max) without Brush
  • Maximum torque: 120 Nm
  • Climbing ability: 25%
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm @25A
  • Efficiency: ≥80%
  • Gear reducers with regenerative braking option
  • 36 spokes
  • Disc brake flange
  • Waterproof connector
  • Manufacturer: MXUS
  • Waterproof and protection degree: IP54
  • Sound level: 55dB
  • Certifications: CE, EN15194


  • 25A sine wave controller waterproof connectors
  • Battery: Lithium Ion Polymer (48 Volts-17.5Ah)
  • Battery energy: 840Wh
  • Battery life: 800 Charges
  • Charger Type: (54.6 Volts) 2A CC-CV 240/120V ULC
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Dimensions 370 x 110 x 90 mm
  • Loading time: 8 hours
  • PVC covered 18650 Cells and BMS pack
  • SANYO GA 3500 BMS
  • CC/CV charging model
  • Temperature of
  • Charging 0-45°C
  • Discharge temperature -20-55°C



  • Foldable 6061 aluminum frame
  • Wheel, A356 Aluminum
  • Water-resistant cabling
  • 52T crankset, 170mm crank
  • Handlebar: V Lowride
  • LCD screen with speedometer, odometer, pedal assist indicator, etc...
  • Lights: Front LED , Rear Brake LED
  • Removable battery: Yes


  • Vehicle weight: 40 Kg (88 pounds)
  • Vehicle dimensions: 250 - 25 - 90 cm (98.5 x 10 x 35.5 inches)
  • Weight of the box: - Kg (- pounds)
  • Dimensions of the box: - x - x - cm (- x - x - inches)


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