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VSETT 11+, Electric Scooter (60 Volts) (31.2Ah) (2x1500 Watts) (2x3000 Watts/Peak 6000 Watts) Central Display

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Color: Gray

VSETT 11+, Electric Scooter (60 Volts) (31.2Ah) (2x1500 Watts) (2x3000 Watts/Peak 6000 Watts) Central Display

Presentation of the new 2023 generation of luxury electric scooters VSETT 11+

Experience next-level performance and style with its dual-motor system and sleek matte gray finish. This premium scooter offers unparalleled power, range and luxurious riding experience.

The VSETT 11+ shows aggressive styling and features a bright headlight and taillights, flashing brake lights, integrated turn signals and a colorful RGB logo on the side of the deck.

With its wide range of features and functions, the VSETT 11+ electric scooter is on another level. Its rock-solid folding stem and sturdy double-bar frame inspire confidence and ensure a wild, comfortable ride.

It offers a perfect combination of style and scooter performance. Its many neat features including but not limited to front spotlight and rear brake lights well positioned to light your way at night. Front and rear indicators! With finger throttle and turbo boost equipped with multiple driving modes. Last but not least, security feature with the NFC Key Card Lock .

The new VSETT 11+ electric scooter offers a new riding style. The powertrain (60 Volts) (2x1500 Watts) and the reliable lithium-ion battery allow the VSETT 11+ to reach a speed of 80 Km/h . With an extra large central screen and solid tires (11x 4 Inch) for functionality and style, the VSETT 11+ can cover a long distance of 70 to 160 Km.

The VSETT 11+ takes electric scooters to a whole new level with an insane range of up to 160 km and speeds in excess of 80 km/h , making it one of the most advanced scooters on the market today. .

With a giant Li-ion battery of (31.2Ah) , the VSETT 11+ increases a maximum range of 160 km in single motor mode.

The new VSETT Control Throttle Display is packed with features. Adjust your journey your way. Protect your ride with the NFC Key Lock immobilizer that ensures only you can start your VSETT.

Use the DDM button to switch from Eco mode to Sport mode. And when you need more, use Turbo Boost for a short burst of extra power.

Equipped with dual suspension for optimal comfort on every ride. Store it easily with the locking lever to fold and unfold it.


  • NFC Key Card Lock
  • Motors: (2x1500 Watts) (2x3000 Watts/Peak 6000 Watts) brushless
  • Lithium battery (60 Volts) (31.2Ah)
  • Maximum speed 75-85 Km/h (47-53 Mph)
  • Autonomy: Up to (70-100 km) (44-62 Miles) per charge, up to 160 Km (100 Miles) with 1 engine
  • Clear LED display shows mode, speed, battery, etc.
  • Rubber tires (10'' x 4'' inches) for a smooth ride
  • The silicone foot pad has excellent anti-slip properties and is easy to clean
  • Easy folding, easy to transport and convenient to store in the trunk




  • Recommended age: 16 Years+
  • Maximum load: 150 Kg (330 pounds)
  • LED front headlight
  • LED rear brake light
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • NFC Key Card Lock


  • Motors: (2x1500 Watts) (2x3000 Watts/Peak 6000 Watts) brushless
  • Accelerator: Trigger (on the handlebar grip)
  • Maximum speed 75K Km/h (47 Mph) normal mode, 85 Km/h (53 Mph) sport mode
  • Autonomy: Up to (70-100 Km) (44-62 Miles) per charge ( depending on weight, road condition and weather) up to 160 Km (100 Miles) with 1 motor
  • Battery: (60 Volts) (31.2 Ah) Lithium-Ion
  • Battery life : 700-800 Charges
  • Charging time: 16 hours (single charger) 8 hours (double charger)
  • Charger: Included (for wall outlet)
  • Tilt Capacity: 45 Degrees (100%)


  • Brake system: front and rear full hydraulic disc
  • Suspension: Full hydraulic front and rear
  • Pneumatic tires: with valves (10''x 4'' inches).
  • Quick-fold mechanism (Can fit in any trunk)
  • Supporter (Stand)
  • LED front headlight
  • Rear brake light LED
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • Central display Detailed
  • Waterproof rating IP54


  • Product weight: 58 Kg (128 pounds)
  • Weight of the box: - Kg (- pounds)
  • Product size: 127 x 63 x 139 cm (50 x 25 x 55 inches) Unfolded
  • Box size: - x - x - cm (- x - x - inches)
  • Board width - cm (- inches)
  • Board length - cm (- inches)
  • Tire size: Rubber inflated, front and rear 25.5 cm (10 inches)
  • Handlebar height: - cm (- inches)


  • Wearing a helmet MANDATORY .
  • Read the instructions carefully before assembly.
  • Before first use make sure all screws are tight.
  • To guarantee the lifespan of the vehicle, respect the weight limit.
  • Do not leave the vehicle in the rain, or in the cold in winter.


      All our vehicles are sold assembled WITHOUT ANY additional transport and preparation costs. Registration papers are included.

      Except for Electric Cars, ATVs and Motocross for children. (Assembly fee: $50)

      Sales taxes (GST+QST) and Eco-fees (Tire tax) NOT INCLUDED.


      NB: The photos are displayed for information purposes only.

      It is possible that the models are slightly different from the photos, depending on the machining of the parts which is subject to change. (Decals, Rims, Tires, Bumper, Seat, Lights, Media Module may vary from image.)


      We deliver everywhere in Quebec, to the Dicom/Morneau terminal closest to you. The price of delivery will be indicated to you by the shopping cart before concluding the transaction.

      We carefully package and ship your order.

      Vehicles can be delivered to your home. The shopping cart will give you this option if it is available.

      Packages that show friction marks linked to
      transport are not eligible for an exchange or refund .

      ***Surcharges may apply. You will be called for approval before shipping.


      Electric Vehicles: 6 Months Motor, 3 Months Battery, 1 Month Electronic Components.

      Gasoline Vehicles: 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty on the engine block.


      A maintenance and repair service with a mechanical workshop is available on site.

      We do not offer home repair services.

      Labor $69.95/H


      A minimum of mechanical knowledge is recommended when purchasing a gasoline vehicle.

      Mechanical inspection before departure, tightening of screws due to vibrations, cleaning of the carburetor, are important elements in the maintenance of this type of vehicle.