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Chevrolet Silverado (24 Volt Battery) (4x200 Watt Engines) (2 Seats)

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Color: White

Chevrolet Silverado (24 Volt Battery) (4x200 Watt Engines) (2 Seats)

Let your child explore with this powerful 2-seater Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 truck! This 2-seater Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 truck will make your child feel like a king. It's sturdy, safe and stylish, so you can be sure that your child's ride will always be comfortable and safe. With comfortable leather seats, bright LED lights, powerful EVA tires and parental controls, your child will have a great time exploring with this ride.

In short, a super realistic car for children aged 3 to 8 and weighing up to 132 pounds looking for realistic experiences.

This model is built with outdoor exploration as its primary goal, with superior control for unparalleled confidence. No matter the terrain, the (24 Volts) (4WD) will continue to lead the way with unmatched performance and maneuverability that your children will delight in!

Designed to comfortably accommodate two passengers, with ample legroom. You can listen to your favorite music or podcasts with our high-quality MP3 player. It also features front and rear lights so you can see and be seen on your wilderness trips or when venturing around your neighborhood with friends.

Have you seen these wheels and this design? It's unique and we can't stop looking at it. It is powerful but also fun and has unbeatable features in the UTV car sector. Its powerful battery and lights will make you fall in love from the start and you won't want to part with it.

We know that safety comes first in any car. In this case, this UTV has two speeds that adapt to the age and experience of your child, a rear suspension but also a parental remote control. Be part of your child's adventures by taking control from time to time, you will have a lot of fun.

The little ones at home will love almost any car ride you give them, but such a bold design will drive them crazy. A car they will share with their friends and siblings, creating great memories together and having fun. Perfect for the most adventurous children.

AVAILABLE COLORS: Pink, White, Brown


Leather seat
LED lights
EVA tires



Age group: 3 to 8 years old
Maximum weight (lbs): 130
Parental control remote: Yes
Places: 2
Seat material: leather
Seat belt: Yes
Maximum speed (mph): 5
Speed ​​options: 2
Emergency stop button and speed control on remote control
This children's car is equipped with a seat belt, to ensure the safety of your child.
Surfaces to be used: Asphalt, gravel, lawns and other flat, hard surfaces


Accelerator pedal
Speed ​​– Forward/Reverse, with switch on the dashboard
Simple operation, suitable for children: "I push it forward, I lift my foot, it brakes..."
Speeds: 5-8 Km/h (Depending on rider weight, surface and handling)
4 powerful motors (24 Volts) (45 Watts)
2 12V-7Ah Batteries in series = (Total 24V-7Ah)
Battery charger: Included
External charging port for easy use
Charging time: 8 hours for a full charge (300 Cycles)
Autonomy: 60 to 90 Min. (Depending on use, surface area and driver weight)
Operating temperature (5-35) degrees Celsius


Switch on switch off
Rear storage (for toys for example)
Doors that open
Dual LED headlights, taillights
Three-spoke steering wheel
EVA foam rubber wheels
Steering wheel audio controls (horn, engine noise, melodies)
MP3 player, Bluetooth with USB port and SD card.
Rear suspension


Box weight: (43 lbs)
Vehicle Weight: (37.5 lbs)
Vehicle size. (in): 49.2 x 31.1 x 25.6 / 22lb
Dark package. (in): 49.6 x 26x 13 / 25.5lb
Seat width: - cm (- inches)
Wheel diameter: - cm (- inches)


Read the instruction manual carefully before assembly.
The car must be assembled by an adult.
Before first use, make sure all screws are tight.
The car must be used under adult supervision and in a suitable location.
Once unloaded The car must be taken care of by an adult.
Avoid public roads and busy areas.
To ensure the life of the car, respect the weight limit.
Do not leave the car in the rain or cold in winter.


                All our vehicles are sold assembled WITHOUT ANY additional transport and preparation costs. Registration papers are included.

                Except for Electric Cars, ATVs and Motocross for children. (Assembly fee: $50)

                Sales taxes (GST+QST) and Eco-fees (Tire tax) NOT INCLUDED.


                NB: The photos are displayed for information purposes only.

                It is possible that the models are slightly different from the photos, depending on the machining of the parts which is subject to change. (Decals, Rims, Tires, Bumper, Seat, Lights, Media Module may vary from image.)


                We deliver everywhere in Quebec, to the Dicom/Morneau terminal closest to you. The price of delivery will be indicated to you by the shopping cart before concluding the transaction.

                We carefully package and ship your order.

                Vehicles can be delivered to your home. The shopping cart will give you this option if it is available.

                Packages that show friction marks linked to
                transport are not eligible for an exchange or refund .

                ***Surcharges may apply. You will be called for approval before shipping.


                Electric Vehicles: 6 Months Motor, 3 Months Battery, 1 Month Electronic Components.

                Gasoline Vehicles: 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty on the engine block.


                A maintenance and repair service with a mechanical workshop is available on site.

                We do not offer home repair services.

                Labor $69.95/H


                A minimum of mechanical knowledge is recommended when purchasing a gasoline vehicle.

                Mechanical inspection before departure, tightening of screws due to vibrations, cleaning of the carburetor, are important elements in the maintenance of this type of vehicle.