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ENVO, Snow Kart, Electric Winter Kart (48 Volts) (Lithium 17.5Ah) (750/1200 Watts Max)

by Envo
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ENVO, Snow Kart, Electric Winter Kart (48 Volts) (Lithium 17.5Ah) (750/1200 Watts Max)

Winter mobility for all
Ready for any snowy adventure, the ENVO Snow Kart is an ideal workhorse for everything from collecting firewood to full-on winter exploration. High performance on all winter terrain, including ice, packed snow, slush or powder. Now featuring a welded frame for increased strength, torsional rigidity and better cornering performance.

Electric Mobility on Snow
Equipped with 2 Electric Tracks and a front ski, your Snow Kart offers the best stability, performance and comfortable driving in the snow, giving a joy that has never been experienced before. Safe and easy to drive for everyone, including people with disabilities or adaptation needs. You have all this without environmental impact or noise.

Compact design with easy assembly practices for easy transportation or customization of construction.

The adjustable, lockable fork with solid 30mm fork legs adds stability and high-speed handling on trails and asphalt. It reduces shock to the frame and battery system and provides ultimate comfort.

The V-shaped button rubber track creates excellent traction with almost any type of snowy terrain, proven up to a 20% slope. It has a well-thought-out geometry, safe in the track with minimized resistance and energy loss that can generate up to 100 Kg (220 pounds) of traction. Made from rubber and Kevlar reinforcement, it is relatively lightweight, safe and easy to handle when it comes to adjustment or replacement.

The powerful BLDC integrated geared hub motor provides up to 1200 Watts of power and 120 Nm of torque in a compact, waterproof and maintenance-free construction. The motor acts as an electric brake when braking via the cut-off signal from the brake lever.

Lizard style 48V/17.5Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic/LG cells with an operating temperature range of -20 Celsius , provides up to 2000 Watts of power output and 840Wh of energy with the ability to double in using 2 packs is enough for up to 2 hours of continuous riding at full throttle on pedal assist.

The LCD3 meter gives you a variety of functions such as vehicle controls and digitized vehicle status displays to meet travel requirements.

The skis and fully customizable/adjustable stem assembly attached to the front of the Snow Kart ensure easy gliding and precise, tight turns on snow and ice. It has great flotation on uneven snow surface. It can be used on snow, as well as off-road on ice.

The Snow kart ENVO is equipped with a thumb throttle that gives you an extra boost that activates the motor in proportion to the twist no matter if you are pedaling or not to give you fully electric driving in case you can't pedal or need instant acceleration or push uphill.

Waterproof housing with color-coded connections helping you correctly assemble the Snow Kart into the correct connections, preventing mistakes. Guide rollers made of strong, lightweight, reliable and maintenance-free ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene using high precision sealed ball bearings.

The easily replaceable UHMWPE sprocket guarantees the transfer of over 100 Kg of traction to the rubber track with minimal friction and noise.



  • ENVO Sustainable Engineering
  • Power: 2KW
  • Torque: 120 Nm
  • Towing capacity: 180 kg (200 pounds)
  • Autonomy: 2h
  • Maximum Speed: 20 Km/h (12.5 Mph)
  • Total weight: 50 Kg (110 pounds)



  • Number of places: 1 (Place)
  • Maximum load: 120 kg (260 books)
  • Front Light: LED Battery Light, AXENDO 60
  • Taillight: RL13 Battery Light


  • Maximum speed: 20 Km/h (12.5 Mph)
  • Battery life: Up to 2 hours
  • Engine: (750/1200 Watts Max) without Brush
  • Maximum torque: 120 Nm
  • 25A sine wave controller waterproof connectors
  • Battery: Lithium Ion Polymer (48 Volts-17.5Ah)
  • Battery energy: 840Wh
  • Maximum battery power: 1700 Watts
  • Battery life: 800 Charges
  • Charger Type: (54.6 Volts) 2A CC-CV 240/120V ULC
  • Loading time: 8 hours


  • PVC covered 18650 Cells and pack
  • BMS SANYO GA 3500 Charging model CC/CV Temperature
  • Charge 0-45°C Discharge temperature -20-55°C



  • Gauges: Battery Level, Speedometer, Odometer, Stopwatch
  • Lights: Front LED
  • Removable battery: Yes


  • Vehicle weight: 50 Kg (110 pounds)
  • Vehicle dimensions: -xx- cm (-xx- inches)
  • Weight of the box: - Kg (- pounds)
  • Dimensions of the box: - x - x - cm (- x - x - inches)


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