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Go Trax, EBE6, Low Frame All-Terrain Electric Bike (48 Volts) (350 Watts)

by Go Trax
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Go Trax, EBE6, Low Frame All-Terrain Electric Bike (48 Volts) (350 Watts)

THE Go Trax , EBE6 All Terrain Electric Bike with removable battery equipped with battery (48 Volts) (10 Ah) , of a motor (350 Watts) propelling you up to 25 Km/h , with a renowned derailleur Shimano 7 speeds, 5 assistance and tire levels 26 inches All Terrain.

Featuring a low profile design for ease of mounting, the frame is light and sturdy enough to handle gravel and dirt trails if necessary. This bike makes you feel like you're on a bike path even in the middle of the forest.

They are specially assembled for the vigorous conditions of Canada.
It's the ideal bike to travel with ease 365 days a year!

With its shock-absorbing tires, front and rear disc brakes, all assembled with a lightweight aluminum frame equipped with practical mudguards and all-terrain wheels. 26 inches, the EBE6 allows cyclists to move easily and cover more miles than expected.

The electrical assistance of the EBE6 is much more focused on torque than overall speed. With a maximum electric speed of 2.5 km/h and electric assistance up to 80 Km , the power is delivered to help you climb hills, traverse steep terrain or parking lot ramps to bike racks without tiring you out.

The EBE6 is equipped with a display screen Easy-to-use intelligent multifunction LCD Conveniently located on the handlebar and displaying speed/5 gear/battery level/error indicator/total mileage/single mileage/headlight status .

New Design
THE GoTrax , EBE6 is equipped with a practical luggage rack, a horn and a front light LED super powerful for safe night driving. The removable, lockable battery is integrated into the frame, securing it against theft.

Sturdy Low Frame

Easily install yourself on the EBE6 thanks to its low frame design, ideal for cyclists looking for riding convenience.

Its aluminum alloy frame is fatigue-resistant, durable and very light.

With its lightweight design, the EBE6 is perfectly suited to travelers. Easily install it on the car rack, or take it on the bus to visit several pleasant places.

With its size of 72 x 24.8 x 45 inches THE GoTrax , EBE6 is ideal for cyclists of 5.2 has 5.9 feet.

Travel up to 80 km per charge using the 5- level pedal assist function. Reach these speeds without pedaling with its accelerator scooter style.

5 assisted speed modes:

1st gear: 9 km/h
2nd gear: 13 km/h
3rd gear: 18 km/h
4th gear: 22 km/h
5th gear: 25 km/h




  • Recommended age: 16 Years+
  • Number of passengers: 1 (suitable for 5.2-5.9ft rider)
  • Maximum load: 120 Kg (265 pounds)
  • Electric motor: 350 Watts
  • Maximum speed: 25 Km/h (16 Mph)
  • Honk


  • Autonomy: Up to 80 km with assistance, 32 km without assistance (may vary depending on road conditions and user weight)
  • Battery: (48 Volts) (10Ah) Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Life: +/- 1000 recharges
  • Loading time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Charger: Li-ion 48V (For approved wall outlet)
  • 5 - Level Motor Assistance
  • Scooter mode (without pedaling)
  • Rise inclination: 14 °


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Waterproof rating IP54
  • Derailleur Shimano 7 professional speeds
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc
  • Tires : All Terrain 26 inches
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Lighting: Light type OF THE Before
  • Digital display: Battery charge level / Speed ​​/ Odometer / Front light switch / 5 assistance levels


  • Bike dimensions: 185 x 64.5 x 113.8 cm (72.8 x 25.4 x 44.8 inches)
  • Product Weight: 24.2 Kg (53.4 lbs)
  • Box weight: 25.4 kg (56 pounds)
  • Seat height: - cm (- inches )
  • Seat width: - cm (- inches)
  • Wheelbase: - cm (- inches)
  • Ground Clearance: - cm (- inches)

The use of electrically assisted bicycles must be done exclusively on land suitable for this practice (circuits, fields or routes) or private land for professional purposes by the owners of the land (agricultural, pastoral or forestry activities). It is imperative to wear a full-face, one-piece helmet, clothing made of durable material to protect the legs, torso and arms, gloves and high-top shoes. The purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle must be made by an adult. The use of an electrically assisted bicycle by a minor must be done under the responsibility of a responsible adult. Minors under the age of 16 using this vehicle must be under the supervision of an adult. Read the owner's manual carefully before using. Never ride as a passenger.
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