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Go Trax Vibe, Electric Scooter (36 Volts) (4Ah) (200 Watts) Lithium

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Color: Blue

Go Trax Vibe, Electric Scooter (36 Volts) (4Ah) (200 Watts) Lithium

GoTrax has perhaps been one of the most visible brands in the electric scooter industry for many years. In addition to scooters, GoTrax has a wide selection of electric scooters for adults, teens, and children to choose from.

Among them, GoTrax 's new electric scooter, the Vibe , stands out as the best electric scooter for teenagers. It is also an ideal electric scooter for children. The Vibe comes with four color options.

The Go Trax Vibe is ideal for children or teenagers aged 8+ .
Created for those who are too big for our kids e-scooters and too small for an adult scooter.

The Vibe comes with a range of unique features that are perfect for people on the go who are not yet of legal driving age. This awesome electric scooter is a perfect start to a new hobby as it is highly configurable in terms of design, functionality and convenience.

With solid tires 6.5 inches which easily withstand bumps and cracks on city streets and sidewalks. There Vibe is a powerful scooter, equipped with a motor of (200 Watts) and a battery of (24 Volts, lithium) , accelerating up to 19 Km/h (12 mph) over a distance of up to 11 Km (7 Miles) .

The Vibe has a quiet (200 Watt) motor, which tackles steep 14° hills with ease. The intelligent battery management system ensures battery safety and extends battery life.

It is easy to handle and the speed is suitable for recreational cyclists in this age group. The scooter is easy to fold and transport; therefore, it won't be a humbug to take with their other school supplies.

It will fit perfectly in their locker under their desk or, surprisingly, in a large backpack.

The folding process is very quick and easy, so there will be no delays, getting on a school bus, taking the train or getting to work on time.

Because it has a one-touch closing system, small children will have no problem when playing with friends and may want to fold the scooter and go home with their friends.

Plus, this modern Vibe teen electric scooter gives your kids a fun way to get outside, spend time with friends, and stay engaged every day.

AVAILABLE COLORS : Blue, Red, Gray, Turquoise


  • Multifunctional console: The LED screen can display speed, battery life and mileage.
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Speed ​​regulator
  • LED headlights (ensure safe travel at night)
  • Quick and easy folding system



  • Recommended age: 8 Years+
  • Maximum height: 1.73M (5.8 Feet)
  • Maximum Load: 90 Kg (200 lbs)
  • Secure boot mechanism


  • Motor: (200 Watts)
  • Transmission: Motor Wheel
  • Maximum speed: 19 Km/h (12 mph)
  • Range: 11 Km (7 miles) (The distance may vary depending on the weight of the runner)
  • Battery: (36 Volts - 4Ah) Lithium
  • Charging time: 4-5H
  • Charger: Included (for wall outlet)


  • Multifunctional console: The LED screen can display speed, battery life and mileage.
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Speed ​​regulator
  • LED headlights (ensure safe travel at night)
  • Wheels: alloy
  • Tires: solid rubber tire (6.5 inches) Front/Rear
  • Chassis: Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Supporter (Stand)
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4


  • Product weight: 9 Kg (19.8 pounds)
  • Product size: ‎91.6 x 28.8 x 21.8 cm (36.22 x 11.4 x 8.5 inches)
  • Weight of the box: 10 Kg (22 pounds)
  • Box size: - x - x - cm (- x - x - inches)
  • Height from handlebar to deck: 93 cm (36.6 inches)
  • Tray width: 14.5 cm (5.7 inches)


  • Wearing a helmet MANDATORY .
  • Parental supervision at all times.
  • The vehicle must be assembled by an adult.
  • Read the instructions carefully before assembly.
  • Before first use make sure all screws are tight.
  • The vehicle must be used under adult supervision and in a suitable location.
  • Once unloaded, the vehicle must be loaded by an adult.
  • Avoid public roads and busy areas.
  • To guarantee the lifespan of the vehicle, respect the weight limit.
  • Do not leave the vehicle in the rain, or in the cold in winter.
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    All our vehicles are sold assembled WITHOUT ANY additional transport and preparation costs. Registration papers are included.

    Except for Electric Cars, ATVs and Motocross for children. (Assembly fee: $50)

    Sales taxes (GST+QST) and Eco-fees (Tire tax) NOT INCLUDED.


    NB: The photos are displayed for information purposes only.

    It is possible that the models are slightly different from the photos, depending on the machining of the parts which is subject to change. (Decals, Rims, Tires, Bumper, Seat, Lights, Media Module may vary from image.)


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    transport are not eligible for an exchange or refund .

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    Electric Vehicles: 6 Months Motor, 3 Months Battery, 1 Month Electronic Components.

    Gasoline Vehicles: 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty on the engine block.


    A maintenance and repair service with a mechanical workshop is available on site.

    We do not offer home repair services.

    Labor $69.95/H


    A minimum of mechanical knowledge is recommended when purchasing a gasoline vehicle.

    Mechanical inspection before departure, tightening of screws due to vibrations, cleaning of the carburetor, are important elements in the maintenance of this type of vehicle.