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Ducati Super Soco TS Street Hunter, Electric Motorcycle, (60 Volts) (2 Seats)

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Ducati Super Soco TS Street Hunter, Electric Motorcycle, (60 Volts) (2 Seats)

Turbo Rider is now equipped with premium quality Super Soco electric motorcycle scooters, very popular in Europe!

This motorcycle must be registered and only requires a scooter or automobile license and insurance.

Receive it Reimbursement of 500$ of Roulez Vert program .
Photo for information only. Model and options may differ.

Super Soco motorcycles are all manufactured under motorcycle license DUCATI.
Guarantee of 2 years parts and labor.

The TS was one of the first Super Soco models introduced by Super Soco . The sporty lines and ease of driving are typical of the product range designed for urban mobility and have made it the ideal companion for many young people. This new TS Street Hunter is the 3rd generation TS model and has been completely redesigned. Its performance has also been radically improved in terms of power, speed, range and torque.

The Super Soco TS Street Hunter is a sportbike-looking moped designed to have a muscular look and be overall more dynamic than the TS. It's a remarkable improvement over the model it replaces in every way. It has a razor-sharp design and feels bulkier than the TS. The new generation electric motorcycle retains the monoshock rear suspension but has split grab bars for greater sportiness.

The overall character of the vehicle is amplified by the light of the LED headlights which ensure visibility in all weather or light conditions thanks to the new generation LED components. Designed in an aggressive style, it gives the TS Street Hunter a more modern and sporty appearance.

Stability is enhanced by the wide handlebars, completely redesigned for a sporty riding position and offering an ergonomic and comfortable experience. A new sports seat improves driving comfort with “triple density” padding. The racing-inspired aerodynamic winglets, Vmoto Soco explains, give the bike an aggressive appearance and make it more stable, yet comfortable when riding.

So far, the TS Street Hunter is the sportiest model in the Super Soco range.

The positioning of the motor in the wheel hub and the battery in the lower part of the new TS allows the motorcycle's center of gravity to be lowered for the benefit of driving pleasure and safety.

The Super Soco TS Street Hunter is equipped with an LED headlight, LED tail light, LED turn signals and a fully digital instrument cluster.

17-inch wheels with 100/80 (front)/120/70 (rear) tires, ensure safe driving in all weather or road surface conditions, with a larger footprint for maximum grip without sacrificing ride. 'agility.

Stopping power comes from single disc brakes front and rear, governed by a Combined Braking System (CBS) . A USB port is provided to charge the runner's smartphone on the go. Super Soco is expected to release more information on the TS Street Hunter closer to its market launch.

In addition to performing the basic functions of a speedometer and odometer, the Super Soco TS Street Hunter 's fully digital instrument cluster shows battery status, range, clock and the outside temperature.

Super Soco TSX is powered by 60V/32Ah Panasonic high energy density lithium batteries, the same batteries used in Tesla cars.

It offers space for two removable lithium batteries for a range of (50 Km, 1 Battery) (100 Km, 2 Batteries) in normal mode.

Using two ATL 60V batteries , 32A , a total capacity of 3.84 kWh is achieved. When fully charged, the two batteries allow the Super Soco TS Street Hunter to cover a distance of 10 0 Km . Each battery takes 6.5 hours for a full charge.

The batteries are equipped with an advanced battery management system (BMS) that protects them from over-discharge and ensures long-term battery life. Each cell is separated by 5mm from the adjacent cell, resulting in 4 times greater heat dissipation than conventional compact batteries, extending their lifespan. The battery is encased in a sleek and sturdy aircraft aluminum shell.

The battery compartment can take two batteries which will double its range. The batteries are also removable and can be charged on or off the bike. The BMS battery's sophisticated algorithm dynamically calculates the SOC state of charge and displays it on the dashboard as the remaining driving distance available in each mode.

The 17-inch BOSCH motor rotor is integrated into the cast aluminum wheel itself and it has been developed as precisely as a Swiss watch.

The motor's rated power is 2500 Watts , but it can effortlessly sustain a peak power of 3500 Watts (equivalent to more than five horsepower) when accelerating or going up steep grades. Torque is the main performance specification of a vehicle and Super Soco TS Street Hunter features a hub motor that produces 5 kW of peak power and boasts a torque of over 180 Nm at a speed of 45 Km /h .

The rider can choose from three different modes that modify the throttle response. In the driving mode that unlocks maximum performance, the maximum speed is 70 km/h . The third generation of the FOC controller provides instantaneous torque exceeding the acceleration of any equivalent ICE power.

The moped is waterproof so it can ride in water. The moped will allow you to continue driving while most gasoline-powered motorcycles will break down. The moped has a certified wading depth of 280 mm

The heart of the bike, the Controller is encased in a one-piece die-cast aluminum box for exceptional heat dissipation. It is mounted on the front of the motorcycle for more efficient cooling although its oversized current ratings would allow it to stay cool even during long climbs. It is a field-oriented controller, FOC that has a vector control algorithm that maintains efficiency over a wide range of speeds.

This controller also dynamically accounts for torque changes based on road conditions. Finally, it is equipped with a dedicated processor monitoring all electronic components ensuring a safe and efficient ride for you.

The quality of the mechanical parts of the Super Soco TS Street Hunter is no less impressive than the quality of the electrical components. The unique mechanical construction starts from the chassis which is designed based on the split chassis concept of a racing motorcycle. This allows for both a robust and lightweight construction.

The front end is robot-welded carbon steel which is then electrophoretically painted. It only weighs 6 Kg. The rear half of the frame is made of aluminum alloy welded by argon robot and subjected to a T6 heat treatment to the strength of 240MPa . This means the bike is strong enough to support a load of up to 150 Kg (330 lbs)

In addition to its impressive rigidity, Super Soco TS Street Hunter also comes with the comfort of exceptional suspension. The motorcycle is supported by motorcycle-grade inverted front shock absorbers from 700mm long and 35mm wide. With a travel distance of 200 mm , high torsional resistance and an aggressively positioned angle, it offers a comfortable ride, even on rough terrain.

The adjustable rear hydraulic monoshock adds to the incredible comfort of Super Soco TS Street Hunter . This bike features a comfortable padded racing-style seat and 6 -position adjustable footrests.

Super Soco TS Street Hunter is equipped with a massive 240mm dual-piston hydraulic front brake with oversized floating calipers. Since on any motorcycle the front brakes absorb 80% of the braking pressure, this brake will more than handle any situation you find yourself in. On the actual wheel, a 180mm hydraulic disc brake is installed. Waterproof switches on the rear and front brake levers activate the regenerative engine brakes, harvesting kinetic energy and returning it to the battery.

Soft regenerative braking is always applied before mechanical braking, thus acting as an electrically powered anti-lock braking system (EABS) . The battery management algorithm also ensures that the maximum amount of converted electrical energy is recovered.

A combined analog/digital display is included in a retro-style dashboard. It displays current speed and error codes, total mileage, controller temperature, real-time output current, battery charging status, distance per charge, distance remaining, ambient temperature and the current time.

Three electronic switches, a high/low beam switch and an engine stop switch are ergonomically positioned on the right side of the handle bar.

Super Soco TS Street Hunter has keyless start that only works with proximity to its FOB . It has mechanical and electronic theft protection devices. It is equipped with a steering wheel lock that locks the handlebars in one position.

Additionally, it is equipped with an electronic keyless start system that makes it almost impossible to start the bike if you don't have the remote ignition activation button. The motor automatically locks if the remote control is not nearby.

AVAILABLE COLORS: Black , Blue, Gray



  • Number of places: 2 places
  • Maximum load: 150 Kg (330 Pounds)
  • Surfaces of use: Asphalt, gravel (flat, hard surfaces)
  • Keyless start
  • Integrated anti-vibration alarm system with two remote controls
  • Steering lock
  • Electronic rear wheel lock


  • Motor: Bosch 17'' (2500 Watts) (Peak 3500 Watts) Brushless
  • Controller: BMOS
  • Maximum speed: 65-70 Km\h
  • Maximum torque: 180Nm/450rpm
  • Rise Tilt Capacity: 2 5 Degrees
  • Charge Tilt (%) Degree
    kg Books
    60 132 50 26 degrees
    75 165 48 22 degrees
    90 198 40
    18 degrees
    105 231 33
    15 degrees
    120 264 27 12 degrees


  • Rechargeable Battery: 60 Volts / 32Ah Panasonic Lithium-Ion Removable
  • Lifespan 700 cycles ( approximately 60,000 km )
  • External standard charger: Automatic charger 60 Volts, 5A , input 120V That Charging time 6.5 hours by battery
  • OPTIONAL external charger: Automatic charger 60 Volts, 10A , input 120V That Charging time of 3.5 hours by battery
  • Battery protection: 85A BMS
  • Fashion
    1 Battery
    2 Batteries
    Eco mode (45 km/h)
    51.2 km
    100 km
    Normal (60 km/h)
    Sports (70 km/h)
    35 km
    70 km

(depending on use, surface area and driver weight)


  • Frame: Split Concept Carbon Steel / 2024 Aluminum Alloy
  • Footrest: 6 possible sitting positions and adjustable according to your height
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: Front 240 mm / Rear 180 mm
  • Inverted front suspension 700 mm x 35 mm (Travel 200 mm )
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • Front tire: 100/80-17
  • Rear tire: 120/70-17
  • Front wheel: 2.5x17
  • Rear wheel: 3.5x17¨
  • Two mirrors
  • Honk
  • USB charging port
  • High beam lights, automotive grade low beam lights with running lights,
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • Tail light (Brake light)
  • License plate light
  • Hazard lights
  • LED headlight bulb with focusing optics
  • Fashion automatic lighting (Estimates ambient light to adjust intensity
  • Classic/LCD illuminated dashboard displays: Current speed, total mileage, error codes, real-time output current, battery charging status, trip distance and remaining distance , ambient temperature and current time.


  • GPS tracker
  • Chain lock
  • Disc brake lock alarmed
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Windshield
  • Rain cover
  • Handguards


  • Dimensions of vehicle: 109 x 78 x 204 cm (43 x 31 x 80 inches)
  • Box dimensions: - x - x - (- x - x - inches)
  • Vehicle weight: 89 Kg (186 pounds) Without battery
  • Battery weight: 13.5 Kg (29.8 lbs)
  • Seat height: 92.5 cm (36.5 inches)
  • Wheelbase: 132 cm (52 inches)
  • Ground clearance: 20 cm (8 inches)


  • Wearing a helmet MANDATORY.
  • Read the user manual
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