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Tinbot ES1 Pro from Kollter Version L (72 Volts) (2 Places)

by Tinbot
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$6,499.95 - $6,499.95
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Tinbot ES1 Pro from Kollter Version L (72 Volts) (2 Places)

This motorcycle must be registered and only requires a scooter or car license and insurance.

Receive a $500 reimbursement from the Roulez Vert program.
Photo for information only. Model and options may vary.

Kollter's German Tinbot ES1-Pro motorcycle is an innovative dual-purpose motorcycle that offers an unrivaled riding experience

The Tinbot is designed to deliver incredible power and performance, while being eco-friendly and economical. And its price makes it an excellent economical alternative to Zero electric motorcycles for the city and the trail.

If you are looking for an electric motorcycle that offers maximum power, performance, safety and economy, the Tinbot electric motorcycle from Kollter is the ideal option. It is the perfect motorcycle for beginners and experienced riders.

It's actually built like an off-road motocross bike with rigid components designed to be used in harsh conditions while still meeting the standards of a street-legal motorcycle. Ground clearance is the same as the Zero FX and KTM Freeride electric dirt bikes.

Even better, if you don't have a motorcycle license, you can buy the L version and drive it with your regular driver's license.

If you want to use this motorcycle mainly on the road, you can buy it with its road rims (mags) and buy a second set of wire rims with off-road tires which can be changed in less than 15 minutes. Or you can drive it anywhere, every season with its knobby all-terrain tires.

We have an economical and ecological solution by easily combining the two modes in a single vehicle at a very affordable price!


Kollter's German Tinbot ES1 Pro motorcycle is also designed with high-quality materials to provide a hands-on experience, with a sleek design and a lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame. Its leather-trimmed saddle and ergonomic handles offer you great comfort and driving safety.

The Tinbot ES1 Pro was built as an all-terrain bike, made of high-strength steel materials, strong and designed for off-road conditions. With a limitation of 70 km/h for Version L and 100 km/h for Version M.

Additionally, our Tinbot ES1 Pro is completely water resistant. Drive without fear in weather conditions. Its components are designed to resist rain and wind

(10,000 Watts) of peak power are packed into a well-designed frame that can handle tough off-road jumps with ease.


L version at 70 km/h with a Scooter or car license
M version at 100 km/h with a Motorcycle License

It's actually the same bike with the same power. The difference is the power and speed which for the L Versions is limited to (1500 Watts) and 70 Km/h which makes the Tinbot ES1 Pro compliant as a speed limited motorcycle and does not require a motorcycle license.


The Tinbot ES1 Pro steers with maximum flexibility and maneuverability to deliver a truly unique riding experience.

No fuel, filters or complex repairs.

Start your Tinbot from your home, work, offices, etc... The possibilities are unlimited! Maximum pleasure and surprising performance

Its design will not leave you indifferent, this motorcycle has sporty lines that will not leave you indifferent.

The Tinbot ES1 Pro even has a long and comfortable banana seat for two people, bring a companion with you and have an unforgettable day

The Tinbot ES1 Pro is also equipped with very efficient, good quality brakes and provides a strong feeling of control when cornering. Tested on muddy terrain and for jumps, this one will exceed all your expectations.

Powertrain Performance and Specifications

A real revolution is coming with Kollter , the Tinbot ES1 Pro electric motorcycle with a power equivalent to 125 and. It has an electric motor up to (10,000 Watts) power at takeoff

The Tinbot ES1 Pro is equipped with a central motor placed in the center of the motorcycle, which provides sufficient force to reach the maximum speed of 100 Km/h.

By having a large reduction in RPM between the mid motor and the rear wheel motor, this reduces the amperage demand of the battery and the motor also stays cooler, producing lower current draw.

The mid-motor provides instant torque and more acceleration than many electric motorcycles. It also outperforms many electric motorcycles currently on the market, whether in terms of range, power and price.

The fast acceleration of Tinbot ES1 Pro can always keep you ahead of traffic. The rear wheel is driven by a massive belt designed to withstand the peak power of (10,000 Watts) claimed by the motor.

Additionally, they are equipped with high-quality front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers that make driving even more stable in mountain terrain.



The Tinbot ES1 Pro electric motorcycle is equipped with an LED front headlight which gives it a greater viewing angle on the road, especially at night, without there being the slightest danger on the road. Automatic lights estimate ambient light for the right intensity.


The Tinbot ES1 Pro is equipped with a next-generation comprehensive LCD illuminated dashboard that displays your speed, total mileage, error codes, real-time output current, charging status and battery capacity, distance traveled and distance remaining, ambient temperature and even time!


If you want to use the motorcycle primarily on the road, you can purchase it with its road wheels and purchase a second set of spoked wheels with off-road tires that can be changed in less than 15 minutes to give you the vehicle with full Off Road capacity that you can use anywhere and in any season.


Additionally, an advanced generator braking system that ensures optimal safety, making it a great choice for drivers and triggered by actuation of the front or rear brake.

The generator braking system is a braking mode based on a kinetic energy recovery system that converts part of it into electricity rather than dissipating it wastedly in the form of thermal energy.


Additionally, the vehicle comes with a built-in vibration sensitive alarm system with two remote controls that can be activated at any time, making you feel safe and also an additional steering and locking system. rear wheel electronics.


The high-performance electric motor and the latest speed and power control system provide powerful driving and rapid acceleration.

Equipped with a powerful electric motor, the Tinbot can reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a battery life of 3 hours.

The electric motor is powered by a high quality battery and offers a range of up to 60 km with 1 battery or 130 km with 2 batteries

The Tinbot ES1 Pro is equipped with a central motor of (10,000 Watts) placed in the center of the motorcycle, which provides sufficient power to obtain the maximum speed of 100 Km/h .

This is the latest Mid Motor technology (72 Volts, 10kW, 5100rpm) with integrated gearbox delivering a maximum torque of 220Nm which allows this motorcycle to accelerate with a twist of the throttle at any speed "without changing gear".

Central axial flux electric motors have one of the highest usable power and torque densities of any electric vehicle drive motor available on the market today. For this reason, they can deliver the most power possible in the smallest package possible. Their high RPM provides immediate starting torque and low battery consumption as motor efficiency is always maintained.


Sine wave controllers are the latest brushless motor controllers that smooth out many of the standard old school square wave controllers. They ensure quiet engine operation.

The Kollter controller can be programmed in racing mode for immediate torque or proportional throttle, resulting in a much smoother and more predictable 20% higher power curve across the entire operating range.

This controller regenerates kinetic energy to the battery when driving at speeds above 12 km/h . Regenerative braking recharges your battery and above all preserves your brake pads.

You can also turn off regeneration by pressing the "eco" switch each time you coast and you will coast naturally without any resistance to regeneration. This means you can ride like a motorcycle whenever you want.


The Tinbot ES1 Pro is equipped with a long-lasting removable PANASONIC battery, which allows the user to ride for hours without the need to recharge their motorcycle.

Its lithium-ion battery can be recharged from 0 to 100% in just 4 hours thanks to its fast charger.

The great autonomy offered by this electric motorcycle, it has two 72V 32Ah batteries with which you can travel up to 130km without interruption.

One of the advantages of this motorcycle is its large battery capacity and power. It has (1x) 72V 32Ah battery and in just a few hours you can fully recharge your battery and travel up to 80 Km without interruption in ECO mode.

The Tinbot ES1 Pro uses a Panasonic battery which is removable so you can charge them off the bike

With high discharge rate of 18650 battery cells , high power BMS, Battery SOC statistics, real-time monitoring of 4 temperature sensors and host computer management process and data interface, It enables the battery to have excellent high-ratio charging capacity, longer life, and high safety and reliability.





  • Number of seats: 2 seats
  • Maximum load: 160 Kg (352 Pounds)
  • Surfaces of use: Asphalt, gravel (flat, hard surfaces)
  • Keyless start
  • Integrated anti-vibration alarm system with two remote controls
  • Steering lock
  • Electronic rear wheel lock



  • Motor: Central (5000 Watts) (Peak 10000 Watts) Brushless
  • Controller: BMOS
  • Maximum speed: 70 km\h
  • Maximum torque: 220Nm/-rpm
  • Climb Tilt Capacity: - Degrees


  • Rechargeable Battery: 1x Pack of 72 Volts / 32Ah Removable Panasonic Lithium-Ion
  • Combined capacity: 2.3 kWH
  • Lifespan 700 cycles (approximately 60,000 km )
  • Battery recharge time: 5-6H for maximum charge
  • Charger: (72 Volts) 5A UL certified
  • Battery protection: - A BMS
  • Fashion
    1 Battery
    2 Batteries
    Eco mode (- km/h)
    - km
    - km
    Normal (- km/h)
    65 km
    130 km
    Sport (- km/h)
    - km
    - km

(depending on use, surface area and driver weight)


  • Frame: Split Concept Carbon Steel / 2024 Aluminum Alloy
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: Front 240 mm / Rear 210 mm
  • Front suspension: 37mm inverted hydraulic shock absorber (adjustable rebound damper)
  • Rear suspension: Hydraulic medium shock absorber adjustable spring preload. Dynamic absorber with intersection system, swingarm travel 20 mm (1.8 inches)
  • Front tire: 110/70-17
  • Rear tire: 120/70-17
  • Front wheel: 17x1.4 (off-road 21 x 1.4)
  • Rear wheel: -
  • Two mirrors
  • Honk
  • High beam lights, automotive grade low beam lights with running lights,
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • Tail light (Brake light)
  • License plate light
  • Hazard lights
  • LED headlight bulb with focusing optics
  • Auto Light Mode (Estimates ambient light to adjust intensity
  • Classic/LCD illuminated dashboard displays: Speed, total mileage, error codes, real-time output current, charging and battery status, distance traveled and distance remaining, room temperature, weather and current time.


  • Vehicle dimensions: 208 x 86 x 115 cm (82 x 33 x 45 inches)
  • Box dimensions: - x - x - (- x - x - inches)
  • Vehicle weight: 109 Kg (240 pounds) Without battery
  • Battery weight: 12.3 Kg (27 pounds)
  • Seat height: 85 cm (33.5 inches)
  • Wheelbase: 148 cm (58 inches)
  • Ground clearance: 32 cm (12.5 inches)


  • Wearing a helmet MANDATORY.
  • Read the user manual


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    NB: The photos are displayed for information purposes only.

    It is possible that the models are slightly different from the photos, depending on the machining of the parts which is subject to change. (Decals, Rims, Tires, Bumper, Seat, Lights, Media Module may vary from image.)


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