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Apollo, RXF Rocket XL (14-12), Lithium Electric Motocross (36 Volts) (1300 Watts) (9 Years+)

by Apollo
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Color: Green

Apollo, RXF Rocket XL (14-12), Lithium Electric Motocross (48 Volts) (1300 Watts)

Larger than the Rocket (12-10) but also light, handy and very complete, the Motocross RXF Rocket XL (1300 Watts) is perfect for children aged (10 years +)

Ideal for continuing to learn motorcycling in complete safety, this Motocross RXF Rocket XL is equipped with a potentiometer that can adjust both acceleration and top speed (up to 35 km/h) as well as the reaction time of the accelerator grip.

Among the multiple equipment it has, we find disc brakes (front/rear) and chain protection. Nothing like it to reassure parents who want to see their children progress in good conditions. It has a motor (1300 Watts) automatic, (48 Volts 13Ah) for autonomy of 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.

AVAILABLE COLORS : Red, Green, Pink, Orange


  • Potentiometer can adjust both acceleration, top speed (up to 32 km/h) as well as the reaction time of the accelerator grip
  • Inverted fork
  • Wheels of (12 inches) at the back and (14 inches) in the front
  • Motorcycle for beginners aged 10+



  • Age: 9 Years+
  • Number of places: 1
  • Maximum load: 70 Kg (154 pounds)
  • Seat height: 68 cm (27 inches)
  • Usage surfaces: Asphalt, gravel, sand, lawns and other surfaces
  • Complete chain guard (Optimal security)
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Discs
  • Reflectors: Rear and Side
  • Headlight: Rear Brake
  • Potentiometer can adjust both the acceleration, the top speed (up to 32Km/h) as well as the reaction time of the accelerator handle


  • Getting started: Electric
  • Throttle grip
  • Direct chain transmission
  • Maximum Speed: 35 Km/h (22 Mph)
  • Brushless motor (1300 Watts)
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (48 Volts) (13AH) (300 charges)
  • Battery recharge time: 6 -8 Hours for a full charge
  • First charge: 14 Hours
  • Battery life: 6 0-90 Approximately minutes (depending on use, surface area and driver weight)
  • Direct plug charger Included.


  • Wheels of (12 inches) at the back and (14 inches) in the front
  • Cross all-terrain tires: Front (2.75 x 14 inches) Rear (3.0 x 14 inches)
  • Brakes: AT Disc, racing caliper, front and rear
  • Frame: Double tubular steel beam
  • Suspension: 2 Independent Front Shock Absorbers and Rear Spring
  • Inverted fork
  • Adjustable shock absorber
  • Seat: Black 1 Square, comfortable and padded
  • Handlebar: With Front\Rear adjustment
  • Gauges: Battery charge level indicator LED
  • Startup key x2


  • Weight of the box: - Kg (- pounds)
  • Vehicle weight: 38 Kg (84 pounds)
  • Dimensions of the box: 129 x 37 x 70cm (51 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches)
  • Vehicle dimensions: 147 x 64 x 92 cm (58 x 25 x 36 inches)
  • Seat height: 68 cm (27 inches)
  • Ground clearance: 38 cm (15 inches)


  • Wearing a helmet MANDATORY .
  • Parental supervision at all times.
  • THE Vehicle must be assembled by an adult.
  • Read the instructions carefully before assembly.
  • Before first use make sure all screws are tight.
  • THE Vehicle must be used under adult supervision and in a suitable location.
  • Once unloaded the Vehicle must be cared for by an adult.
  • Avoid public roads and busy areas.
  • To guarantee the lifespan of the Vehicle, respect the weight limit.
  • Don't let him Vehicle in the rain, or in the cold in winter.


      All our vehicles are sold assembled WITHOUT ANY additional transport and preparation costs. Registration papers are included.

      Except for Electric Cars, ATVs and Motocross for children. (Assembly fee: $50)

      Sales taxes (GST+QST) and Eco-fees (Tire tax) NOT INCLUDED.


      NB: The photos are displayed for information purposes only.

      It is possible that the models are slightly different from the photos, depending on the machining of the parts which is subject to change. (Decals, Rims, Tires, Bumper, Seat, Lights, Media Module may vary from image.)


      We deliver everywhere in Quebec, to the Dicom/Morneau terminal closest to you. The price of delivery will be indicated to you by the shopping cart before concluding the transaction.

      We carefully package and ship your order.

      Vehicles can be delivered to your home. The shopping cart will give you this option if it is available.

      Packages that show friction marks linked to
      transport are not eligible for an exchange or refund .

      ***Surcharges may apply. You will be called for approval before shipping.


      Electric Vehicles: 6 Months Motor, 3 Months Battery, 1 Month Electronic Components.

      Gasoline Vehicles: 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty on the engine block.


      A maintenance and repair service with a mechanical workshop is available on site.

      We do not offer home repair services.

      Labor $69.95/H


      A minimum of mechanical knowledge is recommended when purchasing a gasoline vehicle.

      Mechanical inspection before departure, tightening of screws due to vibrations, cleaning of the carburetor, are important elements in the maintenance of this type of vehicle.